I regret to say I will not have a booth this year at the Holiday Bazaars on St Thomas. Due to covid, there are not many events for me to rent a booth. Unfortunately I missed the registration for signing up at the awesome Tillett Gardens Holiday event when I was traveling and this was the one and only for the season! I am seeking out other possible outdoor venues and can always help find that perfect on island local gift. I can always meet you with samples or take lots of pics. Text for more information 352-874-1108. Happy Holidays-Amy

Glow-in-the-Dark for Good!

We Are VI Strong!


I picked up my signs, I LOVE EVER SINGLE ONE OF THEM!

Boel M., St Thomas, VI

Thank you so much for this special addition to my home!!!
It is beautiful and wonderful and imparts my feeling for and welcome to my home!!!

Pat B., St Thomas, VI

Island Living Inspiration

The Virgin Islands are #stillNice #viStrong