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Studio vs On Location Pics

As a self determined, so O.C.D. person, I have been trying to find a way to have better product pictures.  Being an amateur armed with an iPhone, it seemed all my pics had either my pool, patio or living room in my pics, no matter how much I cropped them.  This also resulted with pics not displaying properly on some mobile devices or when tagged on social media.  

After a lot of research in the D.I.Y. online community, I realized I needed light box.  If I was only taking pics of very small things, I could of just purchased one online.  The majority of my signs were too big for the average light box, so I decided to build my own!

I still have a lot to learn (not the fun part of the biz), however I am determined to figure it all out in time.  So "please pardon the dust" as I undergo this photography-technology challenge!  

SoOSeaD will continue to take 'On Location" pics too!  This is the fun part.  I love nothing more than taking a pic, smack dab in the middle of my inspiration.  We also love when customers share their pics too!  (share pics at

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