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This is my HOME

My husband and I moved from Michigan to the Virgin Islands in 1996. Our relocation was only supposed to be for a of couple years, so it was a no brainer-chance of a lifetime.  When we moved to the Caribbean, our son Alec was only one and half years old and shortly after we were expecting our Jewel of the Caribbean, in 1997!

As the two year mark quickly approached, I started to have regrets about leaving. I felt this was the best place to raise our children; a place where kids and still be kids and play in the tropical outdoors and turquoise waters. Fortunately we were given the opportunity to stay and be a part of such an amazing island community.

Fast forward to September 1997 and our HOME, the US Virgin Islands had experienced two category 5 hurricanes, Irma and Maria within two weeks of each other.  All though I was not on island when the storms hit, my husband and "island" family/friends were there for the most devastating storms to date.  

The people of the Virgin Islands showed the world their resilience and perseverance by working together during the emergency and recovery efforts. This was how the hashtag #vistrong became an icon for our islands!  I noticed so many online posts, news channels and state-siders asking the same question, "how can you continue to live in a place so devastated?".  The answer was always the same, "this is my HOME"!   This became my inspirations for my first SoOSeaD sign!


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