My shop is on pause until August 1 2022, while I work on my daughters wedding in the states and a trip to Africa! I may be able to do simple orders from my summer studio in Asheville, NC. Please text with any inquiries 352-874-1108- Thanks, Amy

Our Signature LOVE & HOME Collection

After hurricanes Irma and Maria in 2017, I created a home sign for my kids away in the states at college. They were wanting to return home to help our island but I had to convince them it was better if they stayed in school.  I sent them each a St Thomas Island HOME sign to let them know St. Thomas will always be their home and waiting for them.  After my Facebook post for the sign, I had many requests from friends for the sign. SoOSeaD was born out of love for my island home!

All the signs can be made with any of the Virgin Islands. Please message for more info 352-874-1108.

Extra Large signs are only available for local St Thomas Pick-up/Delivery and can not be shipped.

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