Due to inflation, I am no longer able to ship orders, there local pickup only. Come find my booth at the Antilles Holiday Bazaar December 10th and at Miracle On Main Street December 16th, on Main Street in front of the Patek Philippe Boutique near Little Switzerland. Text to pre-order holiday gifts to guarantee availability or custom inquiries 352-874-1108! Happy Holidays!

About Us

SoOSeaD came to fruition after hurricanes Irma and Maria. Shortly after the two cat. 5 storms, I noticed so many people asking how can you continue to live in a place that has just gone through so much devastation?" The consistent answer was, "this is my home".  My ah-ha moment came to me after making a HOME sign for my daughter in college and my son who just graduated college as a way to stay #vistrong from afar.  When I posted pics on Facebook of the HOME sign, I received many requests to buy one.  Shortly after the LOVE sign was designed for those who may not live in the Virgin Islands or just simply love it.  LOVE & HOME has now become our featured collection, representing all the Virgin Islands!

Our rustic wood signs are cut, sanded and painted by hand. Each piece is truly unique, thanks to the graining and little "imperfections" that naturally occur in the wood. We make no attempt to cover up the knots, cracks, or dings in the boards as we feel this adds to the character and charm of the sign. No two signs are the same.